Find Your Next Step!

Wherever you are in life, you're on a journey. And every journey has a next step. Whether you know exactly what God is calling you to do or you need a little help knowing the direction He's leading you, we're here for you.

Get baptized.

When you decide to follow Jesus, baptism is the next step. There is no reason to delay. You are ready to be baptized the moment you give your life to Jesus. If you’re waiting until you’re perfect, you’ll never be ready.
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Join a group.

There is something amazing that happens when you hang around a group of people who may once have been strangers, but now have become family, and who challenge you to constantly look more like Jesus.  
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Volunteer on a team.

We were created to make a difference! When we give generously of our time in the local church, it makes a difference in others lives. Volunteer and use your gifts to influence others to find and follow Jesus.
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Trust God with your finances.

When we give, we get to be part of something bigger than ourselves, not just here at our local church, but in our community and around the globe. We invite you in join us in making a difference.
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Share your story.

While your story is unique to you, it is not only your story. It is part of God’s plan to use you to help others on their faith journey. We encourage you to invest in those around you, and invite them to church.
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Looking for your best next step?

If you’d like to talk to someone about what next step to take, stop by the back of the room after service, or fill out the form below to start the conversation now.