generosity is like a journey

We move closer to God with each step we take.

Our money and our heart go hand in hand.

That's why we feel such intense emotions associated with money. Because our heart and money go together, generosity moves our heart toward God. We have a tendency to let money take God's place in our lives by trusting it to do for us what only God can do.

Generosity is the remedy for this because it prioritizes God over money in our hearts. You can’t worship what you give away, but you can worship with what you give away.

We want something for you, not something from you.

We want you to keep growing in your faith and generosity toward God can be a major catalyst for that. Generosity is like a journey and a person moves closer to God with each step. We have seen many people grow with God as they progress on this journey. The image presents the most common steps people take on their generosity journey. 

Will you prayerfully consider taking your next step toward God on your generosity journey?